Made to Measure Curtains

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Made to Measure Curtains

Made to Measure Curtains

At Jo Brown Curtains and Blinds we specialise in hand-made, made-to-measure Curtains, either lined or interlined. Interlined curtains are still lined, however they have an additional fleecy layer of interlining between the face fabric and the lining to give a plush, luxury look and feel.

Hand-made Curtains are a beautifully crafted, premium product. We also though offer ‘machine-made’ curtains as a more economical option. Here is a quick guide as to the different ways of making curtains and the benefits of hand-made versus machine-made.

The first point to clarify is the difference between made-to-measure and ‘ready-made’. Made-to-measure simply means the curtains are made to the specific measurements of your window, whereas ready-made curtains are sold by major retailers in specific sizes either to be fitted as is or perhaps altered to fit. As these are produced in volume the ranges of fabrics are limited and they will almost always need to be altered for the length to be exact if full-length is desired.

Made-to-measure curtains are available online, but with some limitations, from major retailers or online specialists. Firstly, the curtains will be made to the measurements provided by the customer, which is fine for anyone confident with a tape measure and with a clear idea of what they want. Secondly, the range of fabrics is very typically limited, particularly so from those companies offering a ‘7 day’ service, as to achieve that turnaround they need to have the fabric in stock and that limits the range available.

The key features we can offer as made-to measure specialists are therefore:

1. The choice of almost any fabric. We can make curtains from any of the ‘designer’ fabrics from brands such as Designers Guild, Jane Churchill, Colefax & Fowler, Osborne & Little, Sanderson, GP&J Baker and many more. Fabrics from the premium brands are deserving of our bespoke service.

2. Expert advice on fabric ranges, choices and colour schemes

3. A full measuring and fitting service, including supplying and fitting any new poles and/or tracks that may be required.

4. The choice of machine-made or hand-made curtains. Plus the choice of interlining for hand-made curtains, giving that plush, luxury, look and fee..

5. A choice of heading types; double pinch pleat, triple pinch pleat, goblets, eyelets or tape headings.

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