With so many fabrics available, making a choice can easily be overwhelming! This is exactly where we can help. We have many years' experience and extensive knowledge of the fabric brands, as well as the skills to put stylishly co-ordinating schemes together.

Please feel free to call us on 01423 457004 to discuss how best to begin. Another good start point for ideas and inspiration are the websites of the fabric brands. You can filter by design, style, colour, price and usage to help narrow down your choice.  It's easy to order fabric samples from them and most companies will supply a larger piece (with deposit) to help making the final decision, which is well worth considering.

      To see some of Jo's Favourites click HERE

If you would like Jo to work with you to help you choose that perfect fabric or fabrics, then our Consultation service will take you through the process:

      Click HERE for our Consultation Service

Please note that we can only make Blinds and Curtains with fabric that we have supplied. All the main manufacturers are available, please click here for the list:

      Click HERE for Fabric Brands

Please do get in touch if your chosen brand is not on the list, the likelihood is we will be able to supply it, please also feel free to contact us to discuss your fabric choice before you make your decision if you wish.