Poles, Tracks & Roller Blinds


We supply and fit a wide range of Curtain Poles and Tracks. Nothing compliments a new pair of curtains better than a stylish curtain pole, either wooden or metal depending on your preference and decor. We supply all the ranges from Hallis Hudson (www.hallishudson.com) and another popular choice is the Bradley Collection (www.bradleycollection.com) whose superb metal poles can be seen in quite a few of our website photos.

Metal tracks are useful in certain situations, a pre-bent white metal track ceiling fitted in a bay window is neat and unobtrusive and is often a perfect solution. They can be corded too which can be very useful.

Voile roller blinds can also be well worth considering for sunny windows or for privacy if overlooked. They can be more or less opaque depending on the situation, and blackout roller blinds can be very useful behind curtains for people who like a very dark bedroom. 

Please note that we only fit poles and tracks that we have supplied. Please remember that any new poles/tracks must be fitted before final measurements can be taken for curtain making.