We supply and fit Luxaflex Blinds and Shutters. All their products are superb quality, designed and made to last. As well as Roller Blinds, Venetian Blinds and Shutters, the Plisse, Duette, Silhouette and Twist Roller Blinds offer innovative and stylish solutions. Please contact us for further details and quotation.

Luxaflex Faux Wood Shutters - versatile and durable with styles to suit every room

Luxaflex Plisse - the simple beauty of the pleat creates a versatile blind with exclusive colours and patterns

Luxaflex Duette - the original honeycomb shade, the unique design creates an insulating barrier to help with energy costs

Luxaflex Silhouette - the floating vanes tilt for privacy and light control

Luxaflex Twist Roller Blinds - two layers of fabric in bands glide over each other from open to close

Luxaflex Wood Venetian - stylish and cost effective