The Consultation Service uses my extensive knowledge of brands and fabrics with many years experience in helping hundreds of customers choose perfect fabrics. Many customers have found it an invaluable help and you will see many comments reflecting that in the Testimonials section.

There are two options available:

Consultation in your Home

This is available in the Harrogate area and we will visit you to talk through your plans in the room itself. I can then see your current decor and furnishings, discuss your thoughts and ideas, understand your taste and style, and talk through window treatment options. I will then prepare and send to you a selection of six to eight fabric samples, all of which fit the brief, enabling you to make the final choice. Customers tell us that this saves them a huge amount of time and effort, and means they can make a final decision from a small number of perfect choices rather than be overwhelmed by hundreds of possibilities.

Remote Consultation

This is exactly the same process except undertaken remotely by telephone or facetime, discussing photographs and/or looking at the window and room via facetime.