Made to Measure Roman Blinds

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Made to Measure Roman Blinds

Made to Measure Roman Blinds

A hand made, made to measure, interlined Roman Blind is a beautifully crafted, premium quality product.

But how exactly does it differ from an ‘ordinary’ Roman Blind?

There are four main differences:

1. Interlining

Interlining is the additional layer of fleecy fabric that goes between the main fabric on the front and the lining fabric on the back. It is this layer which really adds to a blind’s plush, luxury, look and feel. It gives a blind more body which elevates the face fabric, so even a less expensive fabric looks much smarter, and a premium fabric is likewise raised a level.

2. Stab Stitching

Another key differentiator is the way the horizontal rod pockets on the rear of the blind are stitched through to the face fabric so that the blind rises up in neat folds. ‘Machine made’ Roman Blinds are stitched by machine along the line of the rod pockets leaving very visible lines of stitching across the front of the blind. Even using a matching colour of the thread, the machine stitched lines are very noticeable.

For the hand-made product, a ‘stab stitch’ technique is used every 15cm or so along the line of the rod pocket, removing the need to machine stitch across the front and meaning the stitches are virtually invisible on a patterned blind and much less noticeable on a plain blind than a line of machine stitching.

The only way to ‘interline’ a machine-made product is to use a lining fabric which has a bonded interlining. This is nowhere near as plush as the three layers in a hand-made, interlined blind, and still leaves lines of machine stitching across the front.

3. Fabric Choice

Hand-made Roman Blinds allow complete freedom of choice of face fabric. This means you can choose any ‘designer’ fabric that you like, whereas the machine-made blinds available online – albeit more economical – have a limited range of fabrics to choose from.

4. Customisation

A hand-made blind allows additional creativity if desired. Trims, braids, side panels, all become options to add that spark of individuality to your beautiful hand-made blind.

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